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top animatronic dinosaur by mcsdino

Top 5 Animatronic Dinosaurs at MCSDINO

MCSDINO is a creature replica workshop provided animatronic creatures and related amusement equipments. We offer the giant realistic Dinosaur replica, providing animatronic dinosaur models build. If you are planning to launch an animatronic dinosaur park project, let’s take a look at animatronic dinosaur collection of MCSDINO. You only need 5-10 life-size dinosaur models to start. In the article, we will introduce the Top 5 Animatronic Dinosaurs at MCSDINO.

  1. Life Size 12m Animatronic Brachiosaurus Model-MCS004 

What is the most attractive dinosaur model in Jurrasic Park? The animatronic Brachiosaurus model is undoubtedly the star of the star. This medium-sized 12m long brachiosaurus puppet raises its neck about two floors high and emits a deep sound with strong penetrating power.

The moveable dinosaur model has neck and head movements, as well as belly breathing and tail swinging. There will be amazing environmental decoration effects when the Brachiosaurus model placed in the woods or near the trees, which will instantly bring you to return to the era when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

For this Brachiosaurus model, we added a very strong base and reserved an anchor screw holes for reinforcement. It makes this huge brachiosaurus very safe even under the strong wind.

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex Animatronics Movable Model-MCST002

This animatronic T-Rex is about 15m long and 5.5m tall, which is great landscape scene in the park. The process of making this Tyrannosaurus Rex animatronics depends completely on the reproduction of fossils and paleontology art illustrations from the museum. To make a T-Rex replica, MCSDINO team has to get through 10 steps making processes.

The roar of this animatronic T-Rex will make your tourist interested. Surely they will love to take selfies with this giant T-Rex.

  1. Triceratops Animatronics Model-MCST003

This Triceratops will be the most attractive tourist attraction with placing its full size 32 ft long, 13 ft tall. Giant animated Triceratops will be a new Dinosaur attraction complement the existing dinosaurs at the client’s the park. The movable Dinosaur model Triceratops’ eyes, tail and mouth, and head all move to create a decidedly lifelike effect. It takes MCSDINO team 40 days to create a lifelike Triceratops model. Finally, MCSDINO successfully brings this giant walking Cretaceous herbivore back to life in front of the tourists.

  1. Animatronic Spinosaurus Life-size Dinosaur Model- MCSS007

This is a life-sized 2.5m tall spinosaurus animatronic Dinosaur model made by MCSDINO. The tourists will take a step back in time as they see an awesome dinosaur exhibit featuring these delicate animatronic dinosaurs.

Every dinosaur in the Jurassic world should have its own unique and eye-catching characteristics. MCSDINO gives this large Spinosaurus movable statue, colorful sail, long and narrow skulls, sharp teeth, and blade-like claws.

  1. Moveable Deinonychus Statue Female Raptor Animatronic-MCSD003


    This moveable Deinonychus statue is inspired by a female Raptor model in the Jurassic Park 3 movie. It is similar, but not the same. This Animatronic Dinosaur is a mix-gene Velociraptor. MCSDINO gives her a reptile skin texture and vivid color. The pink skin was revealed in the grayish-white.

    When tourists approach it, the IR sensor triggered the action program of the Raptor animatronic model. It would roar sharply towards tourists and wave its sharp blade-like claws. Put this Velociraptor in the rainforest background, decorate your Jurassic world themed venues.

    These awesome animatronic dinosaurs from MCSDINO team can not be missed in your animatronic dinosaur park project. Travelling to a Jurrasic Park with MCSDINO Dinosaurs will be great ideas for tourists to have an amazing vacation. Moreover, MCSDINO also are running a promotion program with, where you can find many MCSDINO coupons to save your money.

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