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Mcsdino is very experienced in making lifelike walking dinosaur costumes today we will share with you some of the secrets and history of the less well-known about simulated dinosaur puppet. In animatronic simulation industry, in addition to the local factories, We know clearly that our competitors include Stan Winston, Creature Technology and On-art from abroad. According to the current customer situation, Chinese dinosaur costumes accounted for 90% of market share, the reason is very obvious, low prices, also the appearance is not bad.

According to the current customer feedback about walking dinosaurs clothing, We analyze the problems and advantages we face, and make a product planning, the aim is to do beautiful appearance and coordination of action and durable dinosaur clothes and used to promote events for business in arena, shopping mall,theater  (Similar to BBC walking with dinosaur)

The main problem we face:
1: "I do not want to fight when the ancient Roman knight to wear heavy armor to fight!" A client complained about the costume, due to the weight and hot weather constraints,  although two the air fans in the apparel, Poor ventilation due to the sponge and silicone materials.he only can afford ordinary dinosaurs show can only last about 2-3 hours.  

2. "The appearance of dinosaurs looks a little rigid, like a soulless doll! " Due to the manufacturing process for dinosaur shape details of different ways, the performance of skin muscle texture is only a simple prototype or messy stripes.

3. Dinosaur leg problems, let's take the dinosaur clothes of Japanese companies and Zigong dinosaur clothes to make a contrast.
Japan's dinosaur clothes legs received more natural bloated feeling, crotch does not have a downward bulge, so this dinosaur clothes look more realistic and more natural, it is difficult to feel someone inside operation. On the contrary, the problem of the lower part of such dinosaur clothes in the dinosaur industry in Zigong simulation is even more prominent. What is the reason? In fact, because of our industry intentions to do the product upgrade, in fact, a breakthrough is not any and many people think more than the author, but there is really no hey to study the product almost. In 2014, dinosaur clothes in hot selling, everyone is non-stop production of this dress and ignore the innovation and change, and now the price of dinosaur clothes getting lower and lower differentiation is not prominent. In fact, this situation dinosaur clothes also reflect the entire Zigong dinosaur simulation industry now, that is, simple technology, the low degree of innovation, long-term homogenization of competition.

Our solution
1. The use of replacement skin materials as well as 3d printing technology, we have greatly reduced the weight of dinosaur clothing, and now can produce 17-18kgs of dinosaur costume,( From 24kgs(Old edition) To 17kgs(Brand new)!)so that Performers in the performance of the time extended to 4-5 hours. 

2. New technology updates,  for the dinosaur skin manifestations, in the muscles, eye parts need sculptors to carry out the sculpture, so you can perfect combination achieve the dream of making dinosaurs costumes an idea!

3. Use kangaroojump to improve the dinosaurs leg problems, if you are engaged in the circus industry, or have a base on stilts, you may consider using such a tool, if not, I suggest you according to their own aesthetic, choose Appropriate leg appearance.

About our price of dinosaurs clothing, $2500-$3500-$5000 these are the price performance clothing, as handmade industry practitioners, there is an important view need to tell you is the production time and experience is very important, you can according to your actual Budget to choose.

We will continue to improve our product quality, the ultimate goal of our work is to revive the era of survival of the Jurassic dinosaurs. Welcome to share your ideas about our industry or email us.

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