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how to make a real dragon suit


So here is the very beginning of our next prop suit project. To make a real walking dragon suit puppet.Walking suit dragon is a 4-meter long animatronic dragon with a performer inside the suit operating eyes, mouth, tongue, smoke and roaring sounds from within. Come with us to seeing how this one pans out!

green dragon suit

How to make a realistic dragon suit?

Azure Dragon, also known as Green Dragon, one of the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas.  A dragon barely alive but we can rebuild him. We have the technology to make the worlds first bionic dragon. Green will be that dragon. We can make him better than he was. Better... stronger...faster. Capable of eating more children.Making the walking dragon costume is the bit more complicated than we thought, It's not easy, the mechanical frame, sculpt the dragon body and the color etc.Different from the dinosaur costumes we have produced before, we need to redesign the sketch of the dragon costume, and the action, such as wings can flap. We know that. If it was, anyone could do it.

dinosaur suit making process

In about a month this Dragons was finished. We are happy to know the client that many families have ordered a dragon service in advance, invite a huge winged dragon to their child's birthday party, Hope this will keep kids entertained whilst friends take photos of them, all completely immersed in the experience, Also wear this dragon costume could do behavior control issues for small children, teach the dumbest dog to play dead, and keep the neighbors kids in their own yard. so much funs.dragon costume

Winter is coming!  This Dragon costume is getting ready for some awesome fireworks later! Several events that the dragon stuff will be attending already. From Ball Clubs to County Fairs to Conventions to Private Parties 


tame a dragon from MCSDINO on Vimeo.


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