Prepare a Jurassic themed musical festival, heavy bass artists.The best music festival of the year! the festival that you had never seen before.

lost lands t rex

Animatronic dinosaurs, Different from the mainstream music festivals, Jurassic theme festivals, full grand stage, and accompanying music are all heavy bass songs, which belongs to their main stage.Combine that with the life-size and animatronic dinosaurs, all throughout the music festival grounds and it’s as though you’d had wandered into a combo of Jurassic Park and the lost world before time! Thirty-five life-sized dinosaurs were set all throughout the venue, many of which were enlivened with sound effects and eerily lifelike animatronics. One such sauropod Brachiosaurus which is 35m long,17m high stood at a colossal 80 feet towering high overhead.Walking dinosaur costume show encounter added an interactive element to the already immersive prehistoric lifetime environment.
lost lands walking dinosaur costume

It prepared everything the dinosaur need for a full ground show. filled with rugged stalagmites and a busy array of lights, lasers, and crazy visuals (Lights, sound, etc.) Stage held two massive T-Rex’s that ferociously guarded the DJ podium on either side. Beside them stood two even grander 8500-pound volcanos which shot 70-foot flames, and beamed with intricate mapped visuals at night. smoke-breathing T-Rex in, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptors, Pterodactyls and Triceratops take weeks to put together. We only have mere 4 days, our team have to finish all installation and decorations, that's a big challenge for everyone, 35 lifesize dinos will rock with 50,000 people in a music festival.
t rex spray smoke
Thousands of fans who purchased the early access to music festival started pouring in. They could be seen an entire stage lit up with projections and clouded with smoke, the dream giant dinosaur with a roar, a heavy metal bass voice music started to play. Upon approaching the forest, lights of all colors lit the trees and ground. The entire crowd was headbanging till the end. People are totally enjoying music.A magnificent performance of epic proportions.