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animatronic dinosaurs boxing


In a new and surprising way, how to build a dinosaur (pachycephalosaurus) in an animatronic way? Not for film or special effects but for Taiwan dino park. Pachycephalosaurus lived in the late Cretaceous. We hope to show to the park visitors how we are going to translate the paleontology knowledge step by step into real dinosaur models, working with our Mcsdino team,blend of science and art. We all hope that when we see this dinosaur model reconstruction that brings lifelike presentation.
Firstly we need to understand its skeleton structure as usual, and then we need to refer to the restoration plan of paleontologists, and the information we now know can give us a deeper understanding of this.
dinosaur skeleton scale

Skeleton: 5m in length, walk bipedal, characterized by the head of the bone, a thickness of about 23 cm, which around a lot of small horns and nodules, The bones and muscle of animatronic pachycephalosaurus are made from foam and resin, The body is carved by artist, after many details processing, get lifelike reptile skin effect. The whole process is very interesting, a lot of art processing components,
dinosaur drawingdinosaur drawing
reconstruction dinosaur

We suggest the way of display, there are two animatronic pachycephalosaurs to do boxing fight, although the current academic circles for such fighting methods to be questioned, it is undeniable. Tourists like this into columns, people can stand in the middle of them and take photos, from the mechanical control, you can control them to a boxing.
All we do is hope that our mechanical dinosaurs will be more interesting to restore the dinosaur life of hundreds of millions of years of scenes so that visitors have a better understanding of dinosaurs.

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